An internet portfolio of Indian Union Muslim League.
Under the patronage of Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre (KMCC), the largest expatiate mass organization outside Kerala, KMCC NETZONE IUML commenced functioning on 5th June 2009 to enrich and propagate the ideas and objectives of IUML in the world of internet and ranked a prestigious position within a short while.

It runs a most popular edition in the beyluxe messenger chat rooms with various activities attracting listeners from different walks of life. The most advantageous contribution of this room is the live telecasting of IUML, KMCC, programmes held in India and abroad and other programmes with socio-cultural-religious importance.

Some of the scheduled sessions include EduZone, MediZone, NewsZone, LawZone KidsZone, LadyZone, QuizZone, DebateZone etc. At present many party well-wishers those who scattered in distant areas and isolated places around the world especially in the Gulf are collectively unified under the banner of KMCC NETZONE IUML. They find this room to explore their visions and share their interests each other to achieve the common motto of the IUML. We invite you to be a part of KMCC NETZONE IUML.

How to get in KMCC NETZONE IUML Live Interactive Voice Room

It is very easy to join our Live Interactive Voice room. All you need is a computer, internet connection and beyluxe messenger. Download latest version of beyluxe messenger from here, create and an user id and join KMCC - KERALA MUSLIM CULTURAL CENTRE in Asia Pacific Oceana- Indian category.If you need further help to join Interactive Voice Room, please email us on mail@kmccnetzone.com with your contact details. One of our admins will be be happy to guide you.

Indian Union Muslim League (IUML)

On 15 August 1947, India won her freedom from British upper-hand. In that time itself, India had to endure the acute anguish of the partition. As most of Muslim leaders of pre-independent India left for Pakistan the Indian Muslims became a pilot-less community.

Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre (KMCC)

KERALA MUSLIM CULTURAL CENTRE which known popularly as KMCC among the whole expatriates in the world, is an organization beyond expectation. It does not necessitate an introduction at all. Formed by expatriate Muslims League, Well-wishers from Kerala in Gulf countries, KMCC Today, has became the largest cultural groups in the world.

CH Centers

Enjoy Togetherness, Strengthen Community, Transform them as a Platform to do Righteous Deeds, Including continuous, dedicated and sincere Services to the poor and less fortunates.


Human in nature is a social being. His activities are not confined to eat and drink only but to discharge social obligations by helping fellow human being in their distress and difficulties due to sufferings of poverty and diseases and thereby enable them to lead a sound life. All religions and even material philosophies inculcate in human being a sense of caring and compassion for those who are in need, vulnerable and in distress. Almighty ALLAH tells His believers in a most direct and unambiguous manner that achieving nearness to Him cannot be accomplished without being fulfilling our duties to our family and community, and without being caring and compassionate towards the poor and destitute.